Course curriculum

  • 2
    Why is the visitor cycle important
    • Adopting a Strategic Approach
    • The history of the Visitor Cycle
    • Visitor Cycle Models Explained
    • Doug Lansky's Talk about the visitor cycle and the travel experience
    • Lindsay Herbert explains the D-R-E-A-M visitor cycle model
    • Understanding the visitors, markets and audiences
    • Let's recap...
  • 3
    Top of Funnel: Building awareness
    • Consistency & building awareness
    • Terri Scriven from Google explains Micro-Moments
    • Visit Copenhagen and Norwegian on Interest Generation
    • Visit Greenland and inspiring the right audience
    • Best Practices on Top Funnel
    • Itineraries
    • Visit Scotland's Approach to Itineraries
    • Amsterdam Marketing on Packaging
    • Planning Tools
    • Tourism New Zealand's Travel Guides
    • Visit Iceland
    • Mapping out the Visitor Buying Cycle
    • Let's recap...
  • 4
    Middle Funnel: Driving conversion
    • Omni-channel conversion funnel
    • Sojern and New Zealand's path to purchase
    • Visit San Diego on their Visitor Cycle Strategy
    • Dubai Tourism on Driving Bookings from New Markets
    • Best Practices on Middle Funnel
    • Booking Tools
    • Geneva Tourism's new booking tool
    • Ljubljana Tourism's experience selling
    • The Visitor: Mapping Assumptions
    • Let's recap...
  • 5
    Lower Funnel: Experiencing & Sharing
    • The Visitor Experience
    • Amsterdam Marketing on the visitor card
    • Best Practices on Lower Funnel
    • Neighbourhoods and experience guides - Best Practices
    • Best practice: Proximity Marketing
    • Queensland beacon-enabled app
    • Amsterdam Marketing's Beacon
    • Designing the Tourist Information Office of the future
    • Let's recap...
  • 6
    Trends & Future Changes in the Cycle
    • 20 key digital & consumer trends to think about...
    • From top to full funnel
    • How do you apply visitor cycle thinking in your organisation?
    • Destination Selection During the Traveler's Path to Purchase